Different types of pressure washer pump

Pressure washer an important need in everybody life’s today as it helps in cleaning of important things like the furniture, vehicles and the outer part of your home that is impossible to be cleaned with the help of a bucket of water.  The pressure washer throws out the water with great pressure so that all the tough stains, dust, debris are removed without much of scrubbing just with the help of great pressure of water.You can check different types of power washer reviews and pressure washer pump reviews at online store.
You must be thinking that how does the pressure washer function and where does this great force come from.
The pressure washer cannot just function on its own; it needs a pump with whose help it can produce a high pressure in the water.  The thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the motor should be easy to be carried around, portable and light – weight.

There are three types of pressure washer pumps available to you.

So, these are the three types of pumps that help in producing pressure in the water for better cleaning of any kind of concrete surface.
•    DIRECT DRIVE PUMP:- This direct drive motor has got a void rod, which is bent on the shank of the motor. The engine of the gas pressure washer is 3450 RPM.  The direct drive motors make the design of the pressure washers more portable and compact. It makes the pressure washer light- weight and easy to be carried around. It also has fewer movable parts, which makes it cost- effective.
However, there is also a major disadvantage of direct drive pump. The pump is spin one, and it has to move so that it reduces the life of the motor to a great extent. Another cons factor is that it cannot pull water from the deep containers like the tank or some pond, lake.
•    BELT DRIVE PUMP :- This pump has got a sheave on its sturdy rod. The sheave that is joined to the belts on the motor.  The pulley system makes this motor function at lower RPM as compared to the direct drive pump.  The pros of using belt driven motor are that the vibration is less in the pressure washers, it can function at lesser temperatures, it is much more durable as compared to the direct drive pump. The cons of using this Belt-driven pump is that it requires to be maintained or less it will not function properly.
•    REDUCTION GEARBOX:- It is the kind of motor in the pressure washer that is used for slower washing, where you do not require water in very high pressure.  This motor consists of the swivel gears.  It functions at a large RPM range.  There are two types of reduction gearbox-
# Single reduction gear
# Double reduction gear
So, these are the various type’s pressure washer pumps that are available and have also get their own share of advantages and disadvantages. You can pick one according to your convenience.

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